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Route 4, Oquossoc Maine

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40 Main Street – Freeport Maine

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Greenville H.S. – Greenville Maine

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Oquossoc Village, Oquossoc Maine

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Wells Junior High School – Wells, Maine

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Point Sebago, Sebago Maine

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LLBean Discovery Park, Freeport Maine

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University of Maine Orono Campus, Orono Maine

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Windham High School, Windham Maine

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USM Gorham – Costello Gym, Gorham Maine

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Fort Williams Park, Cape Elizabeth


Our cutting boards are designed with four different kinds of wood: Maple (white), walnut (dark brown), cherry (tan), and padouk (red/orange). These four woods were chosen for their color and hardness.   There are many different colors of wood that are hard, but these four seem to blend themselves together.

We start with rough sawn 4/4 lumber. The wood is milled, cut to length, and sawed to various widths. At this point, my wife and I select the colors and widths to make the design of each cutting board (that’s the fun part). The next step is to glue the strips of wood together with a type 1 water resistant FDA approved glue. After the glue is dry, the product is sanded smooth and corners and edges are rounded. Finally, the cutting boards are hand-sanded again and finished with a food safe mineral oil.

Each cutting board is assembled for appearance. With this in mind, the width of the cutting boards can vary. All our sizes are close approximate measurements.


The butcher block cutting boards are made from many smaller pieces of wood with the end-grain as the working surface. This takes more time to assemble, but it also a superior cutting surface, in that the knife will not scratch the board as easily. The sizes are about the same as the small and large cutting boards.


The Maine Wine Rocker is truly a Maine product. The red oak, from which it is made, comes from mid-coast Maine, where it is harvested into 2 1/2 inch boards. We transport the lumber to our shop where we saw the wood to size. Then each board is steamed, bent, glued and hand sanded. Two pieces are glued together to ensure a strong and lasting arch. Our finish is a mineral oil to bring out the natural grains in the oak.

We sell the rockers plain or with a painting on one end that represents the State. For example, chickadees, loons, pine cones, lighthouses, black bears, moose and blueberries are some of the items hand painted by a local Maine artist.

The Maine wine rocker gracefully balances most bottled wines. Use this to display your weekly or monthly specials. Customers may want to purchase this rocker to display their own wines at gatherings, or use it as a hostess gift with one of your own fine wines.


Our bowls are made of red oak. They are each individually cut and designed, just like the cutting boards. After the boards are cut to an octagonal shape, the inside is routed out to form the bowl. They are then hand sanded and oiled the same as our cutting boards. Different kinds of hardwood are used as an accent line.

These bowls are ideal to accompany the smaller cutting boards for cheese and crackers. Many people use these as a receptacle for their keys and change when they empty their pockets at night. They can also be used as a candy dish, nut bowl or any small condiment.


Small Cutting Boards 11.00
Small Bread Boards 14.00
Small Butcher Blocks 24.00
Large Cutting Boards 21.00
Large Bread Boards 26.50
Large Butcher Blocks 42.50
Plain Wine Rockers 13.50
Painted Wine Rockers 20.00
XL Cutting Boards 42.50
Bowls 21.00
Cutting Board/Handle 28.00
Fish Boards 28.00
Coasters 12.00

Each piece is uniquely crafted.


Small boards: 5” X 8 1/2″

Large boards:   8 1/2″ X 12″

Extra large boards:   12″ X 18″

Boards with handle:   6″ X 18″

Fish Boards:   7 1/2″ X 15″

Coasters:   3 1/2″ X 3 1/2″


  1. Never soak the board and never put it in the dishwasher.
  1. Take a dishcloth and dip in soapy warm water(mild detergent) and wash the surface.
  1. Wash out the dishcloth in clear warm water, wring out, and go over surface again.
  1. Take a dry cloth and dry all surfaces thoroughly.
  1. An occasional application of food grade mineral oil is recommended.



I have always enjoyed working with wood. As a child, I watched my uncle and father build wooden things. To keep me out of their hair, they would give me a piece of wood and sandpaper and told me to make something. As I got older, I was allowed to use some of the tools. I was hooked! I loved working with different kinds of wood to see what I could make.

In my early 30’s I left my career in food service to purchase the Warren Barrel Company, a company that produced wooden barrels and tubs and sold them at craft shows all over New England. Unfortunately, after a number of years the economy took a turn, and I decided to return to the food service industry. As my children grew older and left the nest, I found more time to start working with what I loved.

I started making wooden gifts for the kids – trays, lamps, bookcases, etc. After I had acquired enough “toys” for the shop, I was able to make cutting boards and wine rockers for our family and friends. They were a huge hit! Now that I am retired, I have decided to make my hobby a “Turning Point” in my life and get back to woodworking.

My wife and I currently work out of my small workshop and garage in Cape Elizabeth.

We are currently selling our cutting boards and wine rockers at craft shows and consignment shops.

I enjoy the challenge of selecting the different kinds of wood, arranging the pieces, and seeing the beautiful items that are created.

Turning Point
97 Ocean House Road. Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
(207) 799-6155